Continuous Professional Development Application Guidelines:

CPD Applications need to demonstrate that the proposed event has an event plan with identifiable learning/educational outcomes (a sample is provided at the end of this document as a guide).
Each application needs to align with Dental Council of New Zealand Standards as outlined below:

Professional Standards – What practitioners must do to ensure they adhere to

These are:

  1. You must ensure the health needs and safe care of your patients are your primary concerns
  2. You must put the interests of your patients ahead of personal, financial or other gain
  3. You must treat patients with dignity and respect at all times
  4. You must treat patients fairly and without discrimination, respecting cultural values, personal disabilities and individual differences
  5. You must respect the autonomy and freedom of choice of the patient
  6. You must respect patients’ right to complain and enable them to seek redress
  7. You must protect the confidentiality of patient information
  8. You must practise within your professional knowledge, skills and competence, or refer to another health practitioner
  9. You must identify and manage health and safety risks within your practice environment
  10. You must maintain accurate, time-bound and up-to-date patient records
  11. You must keep your professional knowledge and skills up-to-date through ongoing learning and professional interaction
  12. You must have arrangements in place to manage medical emergencies
  13. You must communicate honestly, factually and without exaggeration
  14. You must listen to your patients and consider their preferences and concerns
  15. You must give patients the information they need or request, in a way they can understand, so they can make informed decisions
  16. You must ensure informed consent remains valid at all times
  17. You must communicate openly in inter- and intra- professional healthcare teams for the enhancement of patient care
  18. You must behave respectfully in communication to and about colleagues or other health professionals
  19. You must take a holistic approach to care appropriate to the individual patient
  20. You must provide care that is clinically justified and based on the best available evidence
  21. You must collaborate with colleagues and other health practitioners, and contribute to teamwork for enhanced patient outcomes
  22. You must protect and promote the health of patients and the public
  23. You must ensure your professional and personal conduct justifies trust in you and your profession
  24. You must be familiar, and comply, with your legal and professional obligations
  25. You must act with honesty and integrity at all times with patients, colleagues and the public
  26. You must maintain appropriate boundaries in your interactions with patients, colleagues and the public
  27. You must protect the interests of patients and colleagues from any risk posed by your personal issues or health, or those of a colleague
  28. You must protect the interests of patients and colleagues from any risk posed by your competence or conduct, or that of a colleague or an employee

Ethical Principles- The ethical principles of oral health practice
Practice Standards – Detailed standards related to specific practice areas

For more information: Standards-Framework-for-Oral-Health-Practitioners

CPD Application Form

View the CPD pathway


  1. Applicants have to provide all the information requested by the CPD advisory committee. For example, additional references or a copy of the presentation may be requested.
  2. The applicant must supply a signed attendance register and satisfy the committee that appropriate evaluation of the event took place. At least one copy of a completed evaluation form must be emailed to
  3. This approval process takes approximately 7-10 working days. If we require additional time, a member of the committee will contact the applicant.
  4. Retrospective applications are discouraged, however, they will still be considered.