The review committee work colobratively to review applications which NZDOHTA receive for verification.
NZDOHTA approve around 50 applications per year and this number is increasing each year.

Agnes Smith

Dental Therapist & Clinical Educator | Auckland

Dee Hollingsworth

Dental Therapist & Professional Advisor | Nelson

Keita Tahana

Dental Therapist & Clinical Team Leader | Auckland

Donna Cooper-Tock

Dental Therapist | Wellington

Kim Heslop

Dental Therapist | Christchurch

Dr Helen Tane

Professional Lead Dental & Oral Health Therapy | Auckland

Glenda Young

Dental Therapist | Palmerston North

Julie Jenkins

Professional Advisor & Clinical Educator | Palmerston North

Kirstie Culpan

Oral Health Therapist & Clinical Manager | Northland