Two Dental & Oral Health Therapists Association student scholarships are available each year

For 3rd year students of AUT’s Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health and Otago University’s Bachelor of Oral Health.


Oral Health: Framing the Future

The investments we make today will create an exciting tomorrow for oral health. “Good Oral Health for All, For Life” is a Ministry of Health strategy has been in place since 2006 and the future of healthcare is moving into the world of integrated service delivery.

With the above concept in mind, what does the future hold for oral health therapists in the year 2020?


1. How the profession has evolved from School Dental Services to Community Oral Health Services?
2. The potential roles of Oral Health Therapists in particular areas of delivery, such as adult dentistry, aged care and private practice?
3. How will we work alongside other health disciplines to achieve good oral health?
4. How do we as oral health therapists address the growing inequalities and inequities in oral health care?



FDI 2020 Vision
Good Oral Health for All Strategy Document
Regional results from the 2011-2014 New Zealand Health Survey

Word Limit: 2000 words
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